There are ways of getting rid of pests

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There Are Ways Of Getting Rid Of Pests

A common problem the Houston homeowner faces is pests. They can be roaches, termites, spiders, mosquitoes and a host of other bugs. Also, rodents can make a person’s life equally as miserable. When you have pests invading your home, you want to act quickly. Waiting can mean they have time to multiply or cause your home more damage. Termites, for example, can destroy a home within two to three years without any treatment. They can silently destroy a home from within and before you know it, you are either shelling out thousands of dollars in repairs or having to move altogether. Termites do leave evidence of themselves, even if they are not visible. They leave mud tubes, wood pilings and you can check wood for hollow sounds. All of these are tell-tale signs that you have termites and you need to do something fast. A qualified technician who has the knowledge and tools to find and destroy termites could be the answer. When it comes to pest control in Houston, you will need a technician who uses professional-grade pesticides and chemicals. They should have licenses and certifications that indicate their ability to exterminate a home safely and efficiently. An exterminator in Houston also should have their backgrounds screened to ensure customers that the person they have inside their home is an upstanding person and not a life-long criminal.
Rodents are a huge problem as well. Rats not only carry diseases and can tear up your home from the inside, but they can propose a serious danger of causing death from bites or other deadly diseases. Also, rodents such as rabbits, while a more likable rodent, can tear up things like gardens and such. They can also multiply rapidly and before you know it, you have a huge rabbit problem on your hands. With good pest control in Houston, rodents can be removed from your home easily and in an environmentally-friendly way.

Roaches are another common problem in Houston homes. These pests not only carry diseases, but they are an embarrassment to you if they appear when house guests are visiting.  They can hide in every crack and crevice and are hard to get rid of without good pest control in Houston. John Moore Services can provide good pest control in Houston with their expert exterminators in Houston. They can get rid of roaches, termites, rodents and all kinds of pests. They also can come out again for free if the bugs and rodents do not go away after the first visit. For more information on how to get an exterminator in Houston from John Moore, call them or simply browse through their website at

The growing frustrations consumers are having over getting loan modifications

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The Growing Frustrations Consumers are Having over Getting Loan Modifications

The economic melt down has taken its toll on both corporate giants as well as individuals. Big US companies like the Lehman Brothers have been forced to apply for bankruptcy. Individual homeowners are spending sleepless nights over their mortgage payments problems and threats of foreclosures.

One of the greatest challenges for President Barrack Obama after his election was to salvage the housing market out of its inextricable quagmire and help the struggling homeowners to protect themselves against the ever-plummeting property values.

A plan was, therefore, drawn up to modify the loan terms so as to make it easy for the homeowners to pay back their loans.  

What is loan modification?

As the word itself suggests, loan modification means reworking the loan terms of the borrowers to make it easy for them to pay back their housing loans. This, in effect, means reducing the rate of interest, extending the loan term and reducing the principal balance. The plan aims at helping the homeowners facing the consequences of payment defaults leading to foreclosures and bankruptcies.

The loan modification is not only aimed at helping the borrowers but the lenders as well. The process of repossessing the property of the defaulters is neither convenient nor a profitable option for the banks in view of the plummeting values of the property. It becomes all the more difficult for them to realize their loans if the borrowers go bankrupt. This may lead to total or substantial loss of loan money to the banks.

The Obama Administration, therefore, allocated a staggering $75 billion fund to rework, restructure or in other words modify the mortgage loans. It was indeed a big bet but did not show the expected results. According to an estimate by the bank regulator, almost 53% of the modified loans went bad in last December – within the first six months of their launch causing huge frustration to the borrowers.

Mushrooming of fraudulent loan modification helpers

The so-called experts who are always on the lookout for business opportunities found the loan modification plan outlay as a huge source of earnings from the harassed borrowers. These ‘helpers’ scourge the foreclosure notices and contact the borrowers with offer of help by negotiating with their banks to lower the interest rates, etc.

They charge heavy fees for their services. Their fee, sometimes, can be as much as a monthly mortgage payment that amounts to thousands of dollars. Some of the experts even vanish after collecting the upfront fees from the borrowers.

It has been reported that as many as 189 legal actions have been initiated against the loan modification consultants who have been accused of cheating the desperate and gullible homeowners.

Foreclosure threat

The loan modification plan does not provide any relief to the borrower against foreclosure of his property if he fails to live up to his obligations agreed upon in the loan contract.

According to a survey, only 10% of the applicants succeed in getting their loan terms modified by their banks. The reason is that the decision to ease the terms rests with the investors who own the loans.

Moreover, the lenders are using the loan modification plan to drive a final nail in the foreclosure. They argue that a borrower who cannot repay his loan despite the modified terms deserves foreclosure.

It is also argued that when the debt situation goes so bad, it cannot be redeemed by conventional means because the home values are going down all the time. Desperate maladies require desperate remedies.

A situation like this calls for professional help or attorneys who can look into your options and fiercely defend your case. An experienced attorney can provide you the much needed guidance and get you a loan modification when others fail to do so. If you are facing a problem getting a loan modification, then its time you approach an attorney who can fight for your rights at affordable rates.

The role of college in your life: what you should know about it

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The Role Of College In Your Life: What You Should Know About It

Do you know that the main traits of human character may be formulated or considerably changed in college? Yes, when a person spends most of his/her time in one place, this place starts influencing this person. This is why it is very important to choose a college properly considering many crucial factors in order to be influenced positively.

What points have to be considered while picking out a college:

1. College place: if it is too close to your parents’ home, you will hardly enjoy all amenities of student life; if it is too far from your parents, you cannot find the necessary support when you extremely need it; this is why try to choose some neutral territory.

2. Financial aid: you should always have a chance to earn for living even when you are studying; this is why you should evaluate what kind of help is available for you to make sure to get it when you are in need.

3. Students and tutors: to be satisfied with the studying process, it is very important to what kind of people are around and what their interests are; this is why you should know at least a bit how to behave in this society and what is expected from you in this society.

4. Classes and schedules: students usually have the right to choose what classes they want to visit; to be in time for each class, it is necessary to have a schedule and follow it all the time.

When you choose a college, you choose the place to spend more than 4 years in here. You may get used to its traditions, people, and ideas, and all these ideas should not be too bad, vulgar, or dishonest. It is the time to learn and comprehend this life deeper, this is why you have no right to spoil this time. Hope all your decisions will be made correctly!

Brochure printing leads to more sales

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Brochure Printing Leads to More Sales

Brochure printing has been a common marketing tool for quite a while. It remains a very popular tool for sales and marketing, even in the time of the Internet. Its continued popularity is due to one simple fact, it still works! Read on to find some helpful tips and tricks to increase your success with brochures.

Brochure printing can be expensive, but it does not have to be. It all depends on the online printing service that you select for your jobs. It is no secret that there are millions of online printing companies advertising on the web today. Some of these vendors are high-quality professionals who can deliver outstanding results at a fair price. Other companies can often only product low quality results. The trick is to find the best, and that takes a bit of homework on your part.

Of all the issues that you must avoid when it comes to brochure printing, low-quality should be at the top of the list. Nothing will turn your potential customer off faster than seeing a cheap, fuzzy piece of marketing material. This is especially true if you are sending out direct mailings that require a response of some kind. Low-quality materials usually end up in the waste bin, unread. This is nothing less than wasted money on your part.

On the other hand, a high-quality document will catch the attention of your audience, which is the first step to getting them to read it. When looking online for a brochure printing service, make sure to be aware of the kind of printing press they use. If you find a company using a top of the line system like the Kodak NexPress, you will know that you are working with professionals who can meet your printing needs.

Adding colour to your document can give it the extra something to make it great. A colour brochure will have much more of a visual impact than a simple black-and-white brochure. The cost between colour brochures and black-and-white is often less than many suppose, and it is a good investment when results matter. Choosing the best possible vendor will ensure the best colour results possible.

Depending on the size of your company and the number of copies that you need, you may want to look for brochure printing vendors who offer print on demand. This service allows customers to order only the number of copies they need at one time. Customers can even save there document and go back to print more copies later. By only ordering and buying the copies you need now, you can save money on each order.

Building a successful sales culture for financial services

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Building a Successful Sales Culture for Financial Services

A growing number of community banks are recognizing that new and more aggressive competitors are taking new business they “believed” they would or “should” have. To help combat this they no longer accept the practice of “business as usual.” They are taking the time-proven actions it takes to train, coach and reward their key business development team members to get them out on the street. Program results are showing ROI’s of up to 30—to-1!

This isn’t easy, to say the least. A major culture change is required for most community banks when it comes to selling. Bankers have long been of the mindset that banking is a business built when prospects come to the bank and request the service they want. Unfortunately the consumer has developed a slightly different mindset lately.

“Yes, my banker and I have a good relationship but that doesn’t mean I will only consult them for financial needs and services. There are lots of other options. ” Friends are friends but when money is involved there is a different emotion involved……greed.

The CEO of First Bank in Ketchikan, Alaska, Bill Moran, decided something new must be tried when he started planning for this new year. “I realized that to meet our growth goals we must be more aggressive about taking business from our competition and improve our “unfair share” of our market. There wasn’t sufficient  market expansion to maintain our historical growth and profit levels.”

First Bank launched its’ new effort with a 120-day action plan in January 2006 for its’ six branches. The intended focus was to be solely on gaining new customers and establishing new relationships.

“Some of the participating officers found it very difficult to break away from the familiar clients to concentrate only on prospects that had no prior relationship, “said Eric Bjella, VP and Program Manger.

The first step was to assess the sales strengths of each team member. It was important to know who were likely to make calls and build relationships easily (Hunters) and those with good processing and service-related skills but less confidence in their abilities to communicate with prospects (Farmers).  This was followed with a professional sales skills training session which included each member identifying from 5-10 prospects.

“The individual assessments and audience reactions to the training were very informative,” said Bjella. “Some of our people felt they never could be successful at making cold calls to strangers. But were they surprised!”

The training showed how to: qualify prospects, make impossible appointments, start building respect and trust from the first appointment, getting to real pains/needs and overcoming objections for desired actions.

The First Bank team met every 10 days in groups of 12 to report progress against their specific targets. While slow at first, calling activity grew and success was gradually achieved. Through coaching and confidence built on successful experiences, sales meetings progressed from a reluctance to report to lively dialogues between members, sharing helpful prospect insights with each other.

One member reported being devastated on her first call, to the point of tears. Executive Vice President Jack Vaughn reported this prospect had also called him to complain, only to contact him later, inviting him to attend a competitor’s bank sponsored business owners meeting. ”Wonders never cease to amaze me, Jack said. I didn’t think we would ever get any where with this prospect and then she did a complete turnaround.”

At the end of the 120 days First Bank captured several new customers, representing over $300,000 in new income to the bank’s bottom line. Less the training expenses that gave a 30-to-1 ROI, income vs. expenses. Other contacts made during this period are expected to move to First Bank in a few months through continued follow-up activities.

A different success story comes from a bank holding company in Iowa. Bank Iowa Corporation felt it was time for a sales culture to be started within at each of its 6 independently chartered banks, serving 17 communities. 

“We never had any sales training in our Company’s history, said Michael Thompson, VP and Program Leader. Our CEO, Stan Honken, challenged our presidents to have an officer calling program in place by year-end. I contacted some firms who might help us start a sales culture. After reviewing four, we selected Wemmers Consulting Group from Atlanta. Their program impressed us with its’ accountability factors, experience in bank training and real world application following the skills training.”

Bank Iowa’s Calling Teams intermingled Hunters and Farmers and all branch locations. Their program’s primary goal was to get Bank Iowa folks from behind their desks and out calling on prospects. Sales progress meetings were held every two weeks. A sales progress report, prepared by Amy Armitage, was updated and dispersed to all concerned. 

“As Rick had alerted us, calling activity was slow at first but picked up as calling frustrations and excuses were addressed and resolved in the weekly meetings. “We all learned a lot about the process of business development. This will be quite helpful as we continue forward with this program,” Michael said.

It is estimated that Bank Iowa’s 60-day effort helped bring in some $13 million in new business or about $400,000 in new income. Subtracting the sales program expenses this resulted in a 23% ROI.

The seven no’s we all want to hear

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The Seven No’s We All Want To Hear

Just what are those 7 NO’s?

NO office to commute to
NO employees to deal with
NO boss to order you around
NO clock to punch
NObig risk to take
NO management headaches
NO big upfront costs

Think that’s a dream? So did I until I tried it and I must report – so far so good It can happen for you too. It won;t happen overnight and it won’t happen without some of your personel elbow grease but it will happen. First step – find a good proven program. You will need to weed out some of the junk programs to find a good one.

I found a proven program that I started with and I’m really glad that I took that chance. Did I jump at it right away – no – I’m embarassed to say I didn’t. I had invested in several other opportunities that for me were not the best choices so of course I was very leary.

I did eventually take the plunge though and within 24 hours time and with only about $60. invested I had my website up and running.

Was I nervous – yes. Was I worried that I had jumped in too quickly – yes. Those are human responses. To be perfectly honest I was a little overwhelmed at first but I soon got past that.

With the program came my website and access to hundreds of articles and books to help me achieve my goals. The most important thing that came with this program is a 30 day training. I recommend you look for a program that has training – especially if you’re new to this – and make sure it’s a good positive training package. You shouldn’t have to pay any extra for this training. After all the people who put the site package together want you to succeed or they wouldn’t make any money either!

Within the first few weeks this daily training showed me so much more than I could have imagined. The training is a daily guide that should take only a couple of hours a day and is written in simple easy to understand text. You need to know – I basically use my computer for email and playing games before this – my kids (ages 12 & 13 know more about it than me ) so don’t think you need to be a computer wizard.

By the time the first month was up I had my website, I had learned how to market it on and off line, I had upgraded my site from 5 affiliates to over 20 affiliate programs that will provide the income for me, I had become a blogger, I had written several articles and become a forum junkie.

Did this take over my life – well not in a bad way. You need to understand that I’m a wife & Mom with 2 kids that I’m running to school and sporting activities. I also have a job and so I don’t have 24 hours a day to spend working for nothing. I was able to work a couple of hours a day for the most part. Of course several things peaked my interest and I found that I enjoyed learning new information so there were days I spent a few hours more on the computer.

I also found myself thinking about articles and ideas I’d like to write about or questions I had in my off computer hours. I found and read lots of information but I like to read So in this way you can say it took over my life. No I wasn’t in front of the computer from 5pm to 3am every night and going for weeks without sleep. You won’t have to either but on that note – let me tell you that you will get out what you put in.

Now for the true costs of any program. Let me first ask you this question. If you were to put up a brick & motar store on the corner in your home town – would you expect to put it there for free? No – of course you wouldn’t. Well – this website is your store – isn’t it? Treat it like that.

As I first mentioned the program I started on I was able to get for under $60. There are many others out there with a cost range from next to nothing to thousands of dollars. I recommend that you pick 5 or 6 that sound good and look good to you. Then research them, find out how long they’ve been around, check out the Better Business Bureau information on them. If possible check into the people they quote, the checks from companies to see if they are real or not. Take a pass at the ones who fail these tests. Once you find a few that you like then choose one for your personal taste. Find one with training and support too!

As you go through the training the program offers several upgrades and business helpers that will allow your business to grow faster. Do you need to get any or all of them? That depends on your personel situation and the budget you’ve allowed yourself (you do have a busness budget – don’t you?? ). You do not NEED to get any of them – some of them make sense if you want to grow your business quickly and others automate certain things for you to make your life easier. Everything that is taught to you includes ways to do it for free.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve just given you access and ideas to get your brain thinking about the beginning of a wonderful financial future for just a small commitment. Whoever you are: housewife, factory worker, student, unemployed, retired or just plain looking for a way to put some cash in your pocket you can succeed with some plain old fashioned elbow grease, common sense, training and a few dollars.